Destinations You Can Still Visit In 2021

The world is shrinking everyday thanks to technology. Using your phone or laptop, we’re able to connect with people all over the globe and even experience life on their side of the planet by visiting a new place virtually through social media posts, videos and other forms of visual content!

In this post I’m going share some places that will be open for travel next year (2021) so there’s something for everyone who loves exploring off-the-beaten track locations!

There are still some really unique places that you can visit in 2021. To help guide your travels and inspire the best trip possible, I’ve broken down 8 destinations to visit in 2021 based on a few different criteria including time of year, climate and current conditions!  

Check out this list for specific information about what to expect at each location along with additional links below:

Petra , Jordan :  This 2nd century BC ancient Nabataean city is commonly referred to as “The Rose Red City” where sandstone mountains surround temples containing tombs carved into rock and the site has been featured in many movies such as Indiana Jones…and the Last Crusade .  

Iguazu Falls , Argentina & Brazil : We’re all familiar with Niagara Falls in North America, but this enormous waterfall system on the border of Argentina and Brazil is actually taller than Niagara ! The site has 275 falls along 2 miles of river which empties into the Rio de la Plata and features countless hiking trails that allow you view the waterfalls from ground level as they flow into the horizon…and there’s not many other places where you can do that!

Galapagos Islands , Ecuador : The Galapagos Islands make up the largest tropical marine reserve in the world. These unique islands feature animals that never evolved to deal with predators thanks to an absence of non-native species like humans for millions of years…so they have some cool behaviors you won’t find anywhere else. It’s also not too crowded which is great when it comes to wildlife viewing!  There aren’t really any big cities on these islands either so it’s all about getting out there and seeing the islands in a more remote setting.

Patagonia , Chile : This area of South America features some incredible mountains and lakes accessible to hikers near El Calafate. If you’re looking for a little more adventure you can also go sea kayaking around areas like Laguna Verde where icebergs float in its waters…or simply paddle to view them!  The Torres del Paine National Park is also quite popular with tourists and houses some epic sights and hiking trails!

Bagan , Myanmar (Burma): ┬áThis city is popular among tourists for its thousands of ancient temples scattered about in fields where monks still study philosophy. It’s like stepping back in time when you visit these ruins with over 2,200 monuments representing every era dating back to the 11th century. The place also features some great food!

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